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Long-Haul Trucker? Learn About Common Personal Injuries

Injured Person on a Wheelchair

In personal injury law, the victims of long-haul trucking accidents aren't often the long-haul truckers themselves. It makes sense: semis and big rigs are so much larger and more powerful than motorcycles and four-person sedans that the driver of the smaller car rarely comes out the victor.

However, long-haul truckers are just as prone to becoming victims of personal accidents as other drivers, and they deserve their day in court — and just financial compensation for their injuries — just like any other victim.

If you drive a big rig for a living, keep reading. In this blog, we'll overview the most common personal injuries those in your line of work experience so that you can steer clear of liability and prepare for the future if worst comes to worst.

Truck-Driving Accidents

Many drivers assume that truck drivers are always at fault in a collision, but from your years of professional trucking, you know that this isn't true. You're likely used to cars cutting you off, attempting to pass you on the wrong side, and driving recklessly around you — and if you're particularly unlucky, another driver's poor choices can injure you.

How can the driver of a massive truck come out the worse in a collision with a smaller car? A car can cause you to veer off the road and strike a barrier, which can cause neck and back injuries. A collision can also spill the truck's contents, which, if flammable, can ignite, leading to serious burns or even death.

Other drivers acting recklessly in bad weather can also cause you injuries, especially in snow or ice. If a bad driver forces you to swerve, you might skid on black ice, jackknife across the road, and even flip the truck.

In any of the examples above, the other driver would be liable for your injuries — as long as you were obeying all the rules of the road, your trucking company, and the federal government. For instance, if you drive for too many hours without resting, speed, or fail to properly maintain your vehicle, you'll bear a degree of liability in the accident and likely won't receive full compensation.

Equipment-Related Accidents

As a truck driver, you spend the majority of your working hours around heavy equipment. For instance, you deal with the heavy machines that load your truck with cargo — and the cargo itself can be a piece of heavy equipment. If loaded improperly, the equipment can harm you as you unload it, or the equipment used in the unloading can cause an injury.

Truck Stop Accidents

Improperly maintained truck stops can cause problems like broken bones, bruises, and head injuries. Those who maintain the truck stop premises are liable for any injuries that occur on their property as long as those injuries were caused by improper maintenance. For instance, if you tripped on a pothole you couldn't see because the area was poorly lit, you may be able to sue the property owners for damages.

Other truck drivers could also be liable for accidents you experience at truck stops. If they fail to park or drive their trucks correctly, a collision with you or your vehicle could cause serious injuries.

Sitting and Driving Injuries

Truck drivers work long hours in the same position. Sitting in the cab for hours at a time, day after day, can cause muscle strain, especially in the back and neck. If chronic pain is your takeaway after a career in truck driving, you could be entitled to payments from a workers' compensation claim.

Have you experienced any of these injuries? An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess your claim, determine liability, and help you get the compensation you deserve for your truck-driving injuries. If you live near Reno, NV, Frank W. Thompson Attorney At Law is happy to help. Schedule your free consultation today.