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4 Types of Auto Accidents That Require a Lawyer

You don't need the help of an auto accident lawyer every time you are involved in a car accident. You can handle minor accidents, such as a dented bumper, without an accident lawyer. However, you will find it difficult to handle the following types of car accidents without legal counsel.
1. An Accident That Involved Multiple Vehicles
It is relatively difficult to identify the guilty party in an accident that involved more than two parties. The more vehicles are involved in an accident, the more difficult it is to sort out liability issues. In a car pileup, the drivers will point fingers at each other in a bid to avoid liability.
Even if you can prove the liable party, you still have to fight to get your compensation because every victim will clamor for compensation from the same defendant.  You need a lawyer's expertise to help you prove liability and get compensated for your damages.
2. An Accident That Caused Serious Injuries
You also need a lawyer's intervention to collect your full damages if you have incurred a serious injury in an auto accident. You will find it easier to calculate damages in a minor accident. In a fender bender, a repair estimate from a mechanic may be all you need to determine your damages.
However, you will find it more difficult to calculate your accurate damages if you are seriously injured. For example, if the accident paralyzed you, you have to account for various damages such as future lost earnings, pain and suffering, and future medical needs, among other damages. An auto accident lawyer can help you determine the true value of your losses.
3. An Accident Where the Driver Is Not the Car's Owner 
In a multicar accident, you have your work cut out for you if the other driver is not the owner of the car. If the driver and the car owner are two different parties, the driver may try to pin the liability for the accident on the owner of the car. The owner of the car likely will blame the driver.
As the accident victim, you will be caught in the middle of the two parties. Don't despair, however, if you have retained a lawyer for the case. Your lawyer will get to the root of the matter and determine whether you can sue the driver, the owner of the car, or both parties. Once the lawyer sorts out the liability issue, the lawyer can move on to the next stage of getting your compensation.
4. An Accident Caused by a Self-Driving Car
Lastly, you should also be careful with an accident case if a self-driving car was involved in the accident. First, you have to determine the exact error that caused the self-driving car to crash into your car. Secondly, an accident that involves a self-driving car may have multiple liable parties. The car's programmer, the car's manufacturer, and the car's owner can all be liable for the crash.
If you have such a case on your hands, you need expert investigators to identify the cause of the crash. You also need an expert witness to explain your side of the story in a way that the court or jurors can understand. You need a lawyer to put you in the best position to deal with these issues.
At Frank W. Thompson, Attorney At Law, we handle all forms of auto accidents whether they seem simple or complicated. As an auto accident victim, you need all the help you can get to pursue your damages. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can offer you the help you need.